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Boa Vista shoreline

Cape Verde Holiday:Direct Holiday flights from UK ..

Cape Verde Holiday - empty beaches, warm sea, cool breeze

Midway between Portugal and Brazil, the Cape Verde islands are perfect for beach or mountain holidays. Cape verde holiday weather is always High Summer. It is 10 degrees warmer than the Canaries in Winter making it ideal for winter holidays. The Cape Verde seas are just as warm. There is scant rain and it is hardly ever too hot. There is such a choice of Cape Verde holiday islands for holidays each with its own character.

A from Rhode Island liked the people and the holiday ambience.

"it's a paradise that's hidden in the Atlantic Ocean. The Cape Verde people are friendly; each Cape Verde island has diverse regions and the climate is wonderful year-round. You can hike or surf on any Cape verde island while enjoying great cuisine overlooking a captivating and mesmerising country. Remember that there are ten Cape Verde islands to be explored and some are still not developed for holidays. Always book your holiday accommodation before Cape Verde island-hopping unless you have friends and family there. "

Cape Verdes Holiday clear warm waters

Cape Verde Scuba diving in crystal-clear warm Cape Verde water reveals brilliantly coloured reef fish. There are wrecks to explore off most Cape Verde islands including East Indiamen with treasure. Humpback whales bring their calves into Murdeira Villas Bay, Sal. Turtles breed on Boa Vista and other Cape Verde holiday beaches. Cape Verdes` unique seabirds inhabit the outer Cape Verde islands. There is a profusion of tropical fish

N from Arizona finds a rare beautyfor a holiday island:

"I have never been to Hawaii or the Canary Islands, nor any other island chain or archipelago,for a holiday so I cannot make any unbiased judgments about the Cape Verde archipelago for a holiday. But this place can be so breathtakingly beautiful, itís astounding that more people have not noticed. In a way, I suppose this is a good thing, as if more people knew and took holidays, the scenery and landscapes would not be quite as pure and untouched as they are now."

Cape Verde history and Cape Verde culture

Cape Verde, named after a Green Cape in Senegal was discovered by the Portuguese in 1470. The 400,000 Cape Verde people share a Catholic, Portuguese-speaking, friendly and welcoming culture and cuisine with Portugal and Brazil. There are just as many Cape Verdes people in the US so English is also spoken. The first British visitors to the Cape Verdes were the Royal Navy. Both Captain Cook of the Endeavour and Lieutenant Bligh of the Bounty called to re-victual in the Cape Verdes bound for the South Seas. The British anti-slavery flotilla was based at Boa Vista in the Cape Verdes. Later Mindelo in the Cape Verdes became a coaling station and telegraph post on the route to Cape Town. But it was not a holiday island until recently. Water is scarce and little Cape Verde land is farmed but desalination has transformed the driest Cape Verde islands of Sal, Santiago and Boa Vistawhich now offer many more holiday choices

What kind of holiday best suits me?

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Cape Verde holiday hotels and holiday restaurants

The best Cape Verde holiday hotels line the beach of Sal along the Cape Verde`s finest beach. Cape Verde holiday hotel prices start from £200 to £250 a week in the Cape Verdes Low Season which is May-June an ideal time for a holiday stay in t Cape Verde holiday hotels

Holiday restaurants are prolific and cheap in Cape Verde. Local dishes cachupa (fish and bean stew), fresh tuna and lobster are the basis for Cape Verde cuisine. Cape Verde wine is made on Fogo, Cape Verdes, and Cape Verde lager is brewed on Sal and Santiago. and there are lots of low-priced restaurants catering for holidays

Cape Verde Holiday Weather

Cape Verde lies in the Trade Winds, so Cape Verde conditions are perfect for holiday sailing or surfing. Cape Verde winter winds when most people take holidays there are Force 4/5, but slacken in summer. The world wave jumping championships are held at Ponta Preta, Sal, Cape Verdes in February. Board surfing conditions in winter are excellent and Ponta Preta on Sal, Cape Verdes has one of the best breaks in the world. Grouper and tuna are plentiful inshore in Cape Verdes islands and further out marlin, wahoo,and sailfish can be caught in Cape Verde waters.which are always warm

Cape Verde air and sea holiday temperature

  January February March April May June July August September October November December
Air 24 24 25 25 25 26 27 28 29 29 27 25
Sea 23 22 22 22 23 24 25 25 27 26 26 24

Cape Verde Holiday Money

The Cape verde currency is the Cape Verde Escudo, worth one Eurocent. Cape Verdes does not much accept credit cards. So payment in advance for your holiday is advised. Cape Verde Escudos to pay hotels, restaurants, sports hire or car rental can only be exchanged in Cape Verdes. into Cape Verde escudos

Cape Verde Holiday Car hire, Cape Verde Holiday car rental

Cape Verde roads require 4x4s which cost from £340 per week and are easy to book for you holiday