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Everything you want to know about Cape Verde but didn`t know who to ask.

Visa, Business, Shopping, Health in Cape Verde

This is a country where it is hard to find out almost anything. There is no tourist board. Hardly anybody volunteers information and sometimes if they do, it is wrong. So here we have tried to gather together the facts on some of the more basic, but important issues.

Cape Verde Weather Information

Check the latest weather forecast

Cape Verde Visa and Residency Information

You will need a passport valid for six months to enter the Cape Verdes and a visa.

Cape Verde Health Information

The Cape Verdes are virtually free of tropical diseases

Cape Verde Self-Catering and Cape Verde Drink

Where to shop and what you can buy

Cape Verde Language

Kriolu at home but Portuguese for official matters

Cape Verde Money and Banks

You cannot buy escudos until you get there

Cape Verde Internet and Telephones

This works but only poorly and can be shockingly expensive.

Music Festival

Mindelo, birthplace of Cesaria Evora is the heart of Cape Verde music with its August Baia das Gatas festival a copy of Woodstock.

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