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Port of Palmeira

Immigrants from Sao Nicolau

In 1720 an English Captain Roberts anchored off the Cape Verde islands of Sal and Boa Vista.The Royal Navy had a small squadron based on Boa Vista. Captain Roberts was replenishing livestock and salt to take to the Caribbean islands. During his brief layover in Sal Captain Roberts described the settlement at Palmeira as "nothing more than a small cluster of fishermen's cabanas or huts." Roberts attempted to explore the island for 24 hours before sailing on. He stated that during the entire period he encountered "only donkeys and birds" and that he did not see a single human!

On his next voyage, Captain Roberts wrote that he came upon a few dozen men and two women who had been sent to Sal from the Island of Sao Nicolau. The men made their living by butchering nesting sea turtles and salting their meat. They begged every passing ship for passage back to Sao Nicolau.

It is now the main port for the island of Sal, through which all goods must pass, with extensive delays. it is also the best place to anchor a yacht on Sal.

There are a few Italian sponsored developments next to the Shell oil terminal, which have not fared well. The best bar is down by the landing stage and is used by local fishermen. You can reach Palmeira by aluguer from Espargos, which departs from a side street near the Mercado Central. It is one of the bes places to mix with locals who still vastly outnumber tourists down by the fishdock. Really fresh fish can be bought at £1.50 per kg including Bonito amnd Dorado from around midday except on Mondays.