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Papaya`s Brunch and Dinner Menus

Brunch Menu served all day

Irish or English Full Breakfast with egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato, toast and butter, tea or coffee.
Omelette with choice of fillings - ham, cheese, onion, tomato, or bacon.
Sausage & egg roll or Bacon & egg roll Hot toasties with ham, cheese, onion and tomato fillings and crisp
Jacket potato with choice of fillings: tuna, ham, cheese, bolognese, baked beans, bacon, sweet corn or garlic sauce
Cachupa -Capeverdean dish made with chickpeas, sausage & egg
Double deck bacon roll, filled with bacon and tomatoes

Cachupa Rica typical Cape Verdean casserole including chicken, pork,
beef, carrots, potatoes and chorizo sausage
Carpaccio - finely sliced raw tuna covered with dressing
Mixed salad or Ham & Cheese salad
Baguette hot or cold with roast beef, ham, cheese, onion or tuna filling
Spaghetti Bolognese, Carbonara or Tuna sauce
Kebabs of pork, beef, chicken or mixed served on salad & rice.
Roast chicken with chips & rice
Breaded fish plate served with chips & salad
Homemade Burger with chips & salad

Homemade yoghourt with fresh fruit
Crepe with choice of lemon and sugar or chocolate or jam filling.
Savoury crepe filled with ham and cheese
Slice of homemade cake with tea or coffee toast or bread and butter.

Dinner Menu served in the evenings

Carpaccio of fresh tuna or wahoo thinly sliced marinated in lemon juice & olive oil
Soup of the Day
Garlic chilli prawns pan fried in sweet & chilli sauce
Prawn cocktail with cocktail sauce on a bed of lettuce
Kebab of beef, chicken, fish or mixed served on salad with chilli jam dip
Thai fish cakes - Spiced traditional Thai fish cakes pan fried served with homemade sweet chilli jam
Chicken Satay -Skewered chicken served with a spicy peanut butter sauce Albondigas - Homemade beef meat balls served in a spicy tomato sauce
Bruschetta - Toasted bread topped with fresh tomato & herbs
Side orders of Mixed Salad, chunky chips, mashed potatoes, Lyonnaise potatoes or mixed seasonal vegetables
Main Courses
Char Grilled fillet steak with Lyonaisse potatoes or chunky chips
Char Grilled sirloin steak with Lyonaisse potatoes or chunky chips
Choice of Peppercorn, Blue Cheese or creamed mushroom sauce

Steak & Guinness pie -succulent pieces of beef braised in Guinness with a short crust pastry served with chunky chips & peas
Brazilian Chicken - pan roasted chicken breast in a lime butter sauce served on a bed of creamed potatoes
Cachupa Rica -traditional Cape Verdean stew
Chef`s Chicken fry - Breast of chicken filled with bacon & cheese, served with mash potatoes & peas
Beef Stroganoff chef`s tasty beef stew served with creamy mash potatoes & peas
Char Grilled tuna steak with char roasted peppers and Lyonaisse potatoes
Pan Fried wahoo -fresh locally caught and served in a mushroom & cream sauce with Lyonaisse potatoes
Classic Lasagne - traditional baked lasagne
Roasted Veg Lasagne - oven roasted vegetables baked in a traditional lasagne style
Spaghetti Bolognese or Carbonara
Pasta & Meatballs homemade beef meat balls in a spicy tomato sauce with fusili pasta & fresh parmesan cheese

Cake of the Day
Fruit Salad Banana Flambe
Chocolate Crepe
Papaya Crepe filled with fruit
Homemade chocolate mousse
Caramel Apple Crumble
Selection of icecreams